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Saving One of the Most Beautiful Lakes in the World

The Lake Waramaug Task Force is a non-profit organization of volunteers and scientists that provides leadership in restoring and maintaining the ecology and water quality of Lake Waramaug and its watershed.


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    Lake Waramaug is located in Litchfield County, Connecticut and is bordered by the towns of Washington, Warren and Kent. It is a Connecticut Heritage Lake, has been called one of the most beautiful lakes in the world, and was pictured in the book, 1000 Places to See Before You Die.

    The mission of the Task Force is to work with leading lake scientists to:

  • Conduct research toward the best possible restoration and management solutions.
  • Operate three in-lake restoration systems which restore the natural balance of the lake's ecosystem by removing or isolating harmful nutrients and by improving the habitat for cold water fish and beneficial zooplankton; and
  • Prevent invasive aquatic species from entering the lake under a comprehensive inspection, monitoring, education and emergency-response program.

    The Task Force works with other lake groups, local officials, land use boards and local, regional and state organizations to:

  • Educate land owners, businesses, recreational users and the general public on lake restoration issues and Task Force programs; and
  • Support land preservation, including the protection of open space, shoreline vegetation and wise land use on the lakefront and in the watershed.

    Questions concerning Task Force initiatives may be directed to:
    Thomas A. J. McGowan, Executive Director
    Lake Waramaug Task Force, Inc.
    19 Sackett Hill Road
    Warren, CT 06754
    Tel: 860-868-0331

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